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Friday March 06, 2015


This is Chris Bernardo, and thanks for checking out my website today.

If, like me, you're sick of jumping from one program to the next - and you're tired of seeing your money vanish faster than a snowflake in the Nevada desert - then you're definitely in the right place today.

Here's what it's all about:

The program is called Cash Leveraging and it's a proven & totally hands-free automated turn-key cash leveraging system which can quickly & easly enable you to start receiving $50 and $10,000 cash daily... and by doing no more than inviting people to this website!

Even if you're an absolute novice and you have no previous experience, that's not a problem... because your feature-laden back office website will include a whole boat load of proven top gun marketing secrets & resources, all designed to enable you to start inviting an endless stream of hot prospects to your website, and generate yourself and endless stream of cash.

In other words, every tool you'll need to create your very own cash avalanche is put right in the palm of your hand from day one.


In a nutshell... financial freedom can be yours -
"working" no more than 2 hours a day from home, and without having to pick up the phone, chase prospects round, answer any questions,
do any or do any of the other tasks you're always expected to do...

So if you're finally ready to unleash the awesome cash leveraging power of Cash Leveraging into your life, obliterate all your current debt, fatten your bank account, and start having truckloads of $50 to $10,000 in cold hard cash delivered right to your door...

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Make no mistake: This is the financial miracle you've been waiting for.

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Go check out the website right now while it's fresh in your mind.

I look forward to hearing from you real soon and helping you achieve all your dreams with Cash Leveraging...

To your Success,

Chris Bernardo
(510) 388-2039

What is Cash Gifting??

Cash Leveraging is Better!!!!

Cash Gifting has caused some controversy and questions here over the last several months. Lets first example the activity of cash gifting, first of all there are no products, no selling or hype involved. The majority of the programs you find out there on the internet to make money in are "hidden cash gifting" programs.

Why are they called hidden cash gifting? Well let me explain, when you come into any business of direct sales you are paying your direct sponsor not the company it self. These companies are just names that were created with excuse products or seminars so they can call it a "business" but at the end of the day your telling pretty much gifting or sending money to your sponsor the total amount to join the "business" right into his bank account. There is nothing wrong with this at all.

Now what is causing so many people to get involved Cash Gifting? Well people are sick and tired of hyped up "cash generating machines" and they have been sucked into a program because of the products and seminars.

Cash Gifting does not have any products to sell or promote, there is a daily live call done and webinars with about 500 people on average, listening to one voice and hearing live testimonials of folks that are making money with cash gifting activity.

How simple is it to just return phone calls and guide people to a call, a webinar or a website?

Also the next advantage of cash gifting, its a PROVEN concept that is used OFFLINE. What this means is the following: When you bring someone new to the Marketing online and a Cash Gifting Activity,there is a huge learning curve they have to go through to really understand how it all works.

Now if you have the resources for them to have a proven off line system as well as online system in place for them, that is where you will find more success and duplication through your organization.

The secret to having success with a cash gifting program is the resources available to anyone without any experience, but are willing to learn how to receive money and create success for them.

The activity of cash gifting continues to grow, because we are all joining business to do one thing and one thing only and that is make money. We are not joining a business to look pretty talking about it or to share the products, people want to make money and thats why they join

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